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DAM Good Vegan is a lifestyle brand dedicated to educating, encouraging, and inspiring individuals to choose a plant-based diet as the fastest way to optimal health and overall well being.  We are passionate about making the transition to a vegan diet simple, affordable, & DAM Good!

Our story begins in 2015 when we launched as a mobile juice company providing juice cleanses and a mobile juice bar for parties and events.  Over the next year, we added vegan meal prep to our list of services.  Then in 2018, DAM Good Vegan began focusing on educating people on how to prepare plant-based vegan meals in their own kitchen, as that would be more sustainable and affordable than purchasing meal prep services weekly.

We now offer online courses, monthly wellness challnges, and group coaching thorugh our membership site, personal & group coaching, and, locally, in the Washington Dc Area, cooking classes, private chef services, and catering.  We also host a variety of vegan events, like The Vegan Cookout.

Grain Mix
Roasted Zuccini
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